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Lawn Fertilization

Priority 1 Outdoors Inc. tailors your fertilizing to achieve the best results for our climate here in the twin cities! Our program consists of four fertilizing applications:

Early Spring Application - This application is put down in April. This is a pre-emergent for crabgrass and granular fertilizer. We will spray weeds as necessary. This application is done after the spring cleanup (dethatching) is done.

Late Spring Application - This application is typically put down in May or June, again depending on the weather conditions. This is a liquid fertilizer with weed control.

Early Summer Application - This application is a granular application that is a summer feed fertilizer with weed control. We will monitor your lawn for weeds, diseases and let you know if there are any issues or problems with your lawn.

Fall Application – This application is usually a granular application which is a fertilizer, weed control and has micro nutrients to improve your soil. We work with a local fertilizer company that mixes fertilizer with the appropriate nutrients for our Minnesota climate.

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