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Dethatching is done in the spring because the grass is dormant and more dead grass can be pulled out of the lawn easier and with less damage to healthy grass

Excessive thatch - more than 1/2 inch - has become a problem in many highly maintained Minnesota lawns. Thatch is a tightly interwoven layer of living and dead tissue existing between the green vegetation and soil surface. It is composed primarily of products from stems, leaf sheaths, and roots that are fairly resistant to decay. Although a little thatch improves the wear tolerance of a lawn, excessive thatch harbors disease organisms and insects making the lawn more susceptible to damage from disease and drought.

In many lawns, organic matter is produced faster than it can decompose and thatch gradually develops. Several factors determine the rate of thatch development by affecting how fast organic matter is produced or by affecting its rate of decomposition.

We have limited appointments for dethatching your lawn because your lawn should only be dethatched in the early spring when the lawn is still dormant.

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